Did someone climb over the gate grates?
X SAFE protects all types of fences!

X SAFE sends an alert to your smartphone when it detects a vibration
or a movement of a mesh/grating/gate/overhead shutter.
It is not subject to frequency inhibition. It does not need WIFI, SIM, thanks to Sigfox IoT connectivity.
X SAFE simply connects and disconnects through the Ealloora App.




  • Protects fences and surfaces subject to oscillations
  • Not subject to frequency inhibitor (no jammer)
  • Plug & Play
  • No wiring

X Safe

X SAFE is the autonomous solution capable of detecting any type of vibration or movement without the need for electricity and WiFi

Download the App on your smartphone and connect it to the device. Receive an alert when X SAFE detects movement. You have online customer support when you need it.
How does it work:
  1. Download the Ealloora App
  2. Register your device
  3. Install X SAFE near garages, grates or gates and turn it on from the App
  4. Receive a notification on your smartphone for any unauthorized movement

Find out if X SAFE will work in your

Garage/box tilting shutters
Home perimeter (gratings, gates, etc.)
Grat/manholes/wolf mouths

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