ERNES s.r.l. is a company founded in 2010 focused on safety products with professionalism and 360 ° market assistance.
For several years, in partnership with NETTROTTER, it has entered the IoT world by developing and marketing fully integrated products based on LPWA SIGFOX technology.
Thanks to the Nettrotter network, today, in Italy, thousands of devices successfully transmit innumerable values detected on the Italian territory for the benefit of the owners of such data.
ERNES customers, thanks to the presence of a qualified network operator such as Nettrotter, are not burdened with costs and activities typical of a local or national network management.
ERNES products are developed on LPWA SIGFOX (Low Power Wide Area) technology: it is a new and innovative ultra-narrow band wireless communication protocol, operating on the 868MHz free frequency, which provides numerous advantages over existing communication networks, representing therefore the ideal solution for any connected application that requires:
      • ease of use
      • low cost
      • low energy consumption
with the additional benefits of excellent safety and mobility support.
The Nettrotter structure, which has numerous stations for radioelectric equipment in Italy, guarantees ERNES IoT products a widespread network present throughout the national territory.
The devices that make up the IoT network, thanks to the small size of the antenna and the high reception sensitivity, are able to pick up the signals that the devices transmit.
The network has effective coverage and ensures
      • efficient
      • reliable
      • simple
management of the information requested by each customer.